snd_emu10k1.ko after 6.2 to 6.3 upgrade

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Jan 29 14:33:51 PST 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 02:26:27 am Petr Holub wrote:
> > What does 'nm /boot/kernel/sound.ko | grep midi' show?
> sound.ko seems to be OK as it was properly updated by
> freebsd-update:
> [root at evenstar ~]# ls -l /boot/kernel/sound.ko
> -r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  139075 Jan 21 15:42 /boot/kernel/sound.ko
> [root at evenstar ~]# sha256 /boot/kernel/sound.ko
> SHA256 (/boot/kernel/sound.ko) =
> a61572cc74e3b00088a824765d7291c91d4ff52fe8709aa77abcade626fbece8 
> [root at evenstar ~]# nm /boot/kernel/sound.ko | grep midi
> snd_emu10k1.ko however was not updated for some reason
> and it has some dependencies:
> [root at evenstar ~]# ls -l /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
> -r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  30008 Feb 20  2007 /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
> [root at evenstar ~]# sha256 /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
> SHA256 (/boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko) =
> 13a0e7f03d354f57517d17ea52b5c7fa5a3c153cefcbf2cf8831d91204f0b2a3
> [root at evenstar ~]# nm /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko | grep midi
> 00004a04 r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10k1_on_midi
> 00005090 d _mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10k1_on_midi
> 000050a0 d _snd_emu10k1_depend_on_midi
> When I compile new GENERIC-based snd_emu10k1.ko, it shows no
> such depends:
> [root at evenstar ~]# nm
> /sys/i386/compile/GENERIC/modules/usr/src/sys/modules/sou
> nd/driver/emu10k1/snd_emu10k1.ko | grep midi

On my current box I get this:

> nm /boot/kernel.GENERIC/snd_emu10kx.ko | grep midi
00010adc r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kx
00010ad8 r 
00010ad4 r 
00010ad0 r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_snd_emu10kx_midi_version
00010aec r __set_sysinit_set_sym_snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kxmodule_sys_init
00011db8 d _mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kx
00011d98 d _mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10kx_midi_on_snd_emu10kx
00011d88 d _mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10kx_midi_on_sound
00011d78 d _mod_metadata_snd_emu10kx_midi_version
00011e10 d _snd_emu10kx_midi_depend_on_snd_emu10kx
00011e04 d _snd_emu10kx_midi_depend_on_sound
00011e00 d _snd_emu10kx_midi_version
0000f0e0 t emu_midi_attach
0000f320 t emu_midi_card_intr
0000f090 t emu_midi_detach
00011f08 b emu_midi_devclass
00011e3c d emu_midi_driver
0000f3a0 t emu_midi_intr
00011e60 d emu_midi_methods
0000f3c0 t emu_midi_probe
00011e28 d snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kx_driver_mod
00011e1c d snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kx_mod
00011da8 d snd_emu10kx_midi_emu10kxmodule_sys_init

and this:

> nm /boot/kernel.GENERIC/sound.ko | grep midi
0003f7ec r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_md_midi
0003f7e8 r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_midi_version
0003f7d4 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi
0003f7cc r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_debug
0003f7c8 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_dumpraw
0003f7c4 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_instroff
0003f7dc r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_seq
0003f7d8 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_seq_debug
0003f7d0 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_stat
0003f7c0 r __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl___hw_midi_stat_verbose
0003f77c r __set_sysinit_set_sym_midimodule_sys_init
0004560c d _midi_version
00045470 d _mod_metadata_md_midi
00045450 d _mod_metadata_midi_version
00045380 d midi_cdevsw
00035800 t midi_close
000367c0 T midi_cmdname
00046c30 B midi_debug
00033dc0 t midi_destroy
00046c20 B midi_devs
00046c34 B midi_dumpraw
00034880 T midi_in
00034b20 T midi_init
00046c38 B midi_instroff
000334e0 t midi_ioctl
00045610 d midi_mod
00033f70 t midi_modevent
00035200 t midi_open
000345b0 T midi_out
000350f0 t midi_poll
00034130 t midi_read
000344a0 T midi_uninit
000353f0 t midi_write
00033500 T midimapper_addseq
00033510 T midimapper_close
00033520 T midimapper_fetch_synth
000335d0 T midimapper_open
00045460 d midimodule_sys_init
00046c70 b midistat_bufptr
00045300 d midistat_cdevsw
000337a0 t midistat_close
00046c74 b midistat_dev
00046c40 b midistat_isopen
00046c44 b midistat_lock
00033850 t midistat_open
00033650 t midistat_read
00046c5c b midistat_sbuf
00046c3c B midistat_verbose
000334f0 t midisynth_alloc
00035df0 t midisynth_bender
000452e4 D midisynth_class
00035ff0 t midisynth_close
00035e50 t midisynth_controller
00035f70 t midisynth_killnote
00045400 d midisynth_methods
00033bc0 t midisynth_open
00035f20 t midisynth_setinstr
00035eb0 t midisynth_startnote
000359d0 t midisynth_writeraw
000455c0 d sysctl___hw_midi
00045540 d sysctl___hw_midi_debug
00045500 d sysctl___hw_midi_dumpraw
000454c0 d sysctl___hw_midi_instroff
00045a40 d sysctl___hw_midi_seq
00045a00 d sysctl___hw_midi_seq_debug
00045580 d sysctl___hw_midi_stat
00045480 d sysctl___hw_midi_stat_verbose
00046c28 B sysctl__hw_midi_children
00046c80 B sysctl__hw_midi_seq_children
00046c2c B sysctl__hw_midi_stat_children

Granted, GENERIC on head is built with debug options so more symbols might 
show up, but you should have midi references in symbol names for both 
modules.  I'm not sure why modules built on your box don't have midi at all, 
nor why freebsd-update is giving you inconsistent modules.

John Baldwin

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