snd_emu10k1.ko after 6.2 to 6.3 upgrade

Petr Holub hopet at
Mon Jan 28 23:26:38 PST 2008

> What does 'nm /boot/kernel/sound.ko | grep midi' show?

sound.ko seems to be OK as it was properly updated by

[root at evenstar ~]# ls -l /boot/kernel/sound.ko
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  139075 Jan 21 15:42 /boot/kernel/sound.ko
[root at evenstar ~]# sha256 /boot/kernel/sound.ko
SHA256 (/boot/kernel/sound.ko) =
[root at evenstar ~]# nm /boot/kernel/sound.ko | grep midi

snd_emu10k1.ko however was not updated for some reason
and it has some dependencies:

[root at evenstar ~]# ls -l /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  30008 Feb 20  2007 /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
[root at evenstar ~]# sha256 /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko
SHA256 (/boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko) =
[root at evenstar ~]# nm /boot/kernel/snd_emu10k1.ko | grep midi
00004a04 r __set_modmetadata_set_sym__mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10k1_on_midi
00005090 d _mod_metadata_md_snd_emu10k1_on_midi
000050a0 d _snd_emu10k1_depend_on_midi

When I compile new GENERIC-based snd_emu10k1.ko, it shows no
such depends:

[root at evenstar ~]# nm
nd/driver/emu10k1/snd_emu10k1.ko | grep midi


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