panic when copying to ext2fs

Jakob jakob at
Fri Jan 18 15:51:39 PST 2008

I think the dump I can see is output of an execution loop in ext2_linux_balloc.c (/usr/src/sys/gnu/fs/ext2fs) from 289 (repeat: label) to 414 (goto repeat:). But I haven't found yet why in previous branch it is ok.

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:44:07 +0100
Ivan Voras <ivoras at> wrote:

> Jakub Siroky wrote:
> > I have two large ext2fs partitions (368 and 313GB) to hold data shared between several OSes. While there were no problems on 6-STABLE branch I was quite disappointed after upgrade to 7-STABLE. Whenever I copy/write to ext2fs partition the system freezes totally without crashdump. So I set debugging settings to kernel config (DEBUG,WITNESS,..) and in console I reproduced error situation ending with full screen of unstoppable running text with lot of memory addresses and a few recognisable words: 'new block bit set for ext already' - again with no crashdump. Then I have formatted 1GB partition with ext2fs and the problem on this small partition appears only sometimes. 
> Interesting. I have ext2fs partitions in the same size range for the
> same purpose under 8-CURRENT and I don't have the problems you
> described, so it's unlikely the problem were introduced in 7. Did you
> run e2fsck on the file systems? Can you verify there is no hardware or
> driver data corruption (though I don't know how would you verify this
> one - maybe by writing to the partition from one OS and reading from the
> other, amd using md5 to check)?

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