panic when copying to ext2fs

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Fri Jan 18 05:44:31 PST 2008

Jakub Siroky wrote:
> I have two large ext2fs partitions (368 and 313GB) to hold data shared between several OSes. While there were no problems on 6-STABLE branch I was quite disappointed after upgrade to 7-STABLE. Whenever I copy/write to ext2fs partition the system freezes totally without crashdump. So I set debugging settings to kernel config (DEBUG,WITNESS,..) and in console I reproduced error situation ending with full screen of unstoppable running text with lot of memory addresses and a few recognisable words: 'new block bit set for ext already' - again with no crashdump. Then I have formatted 1GB partition with ext2fs and the problem on this small partition appears only sometimes. 

Interesting. I have ext2fs partitions in the same size range for the
same purpose under 8-CURRENT and I don't have the problems you
described, so it's unlikely the problem were introduced in 7. Did you
run e2fsck on the file systems? Can you verify there is no hardware or
driver data corruption (though I don't know how would you verify this
one - maybe by writing to the partition from one OS and reading from the
other, amd using md5 to check)?

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