RELENG_7 2008/01/10 desktop system also periodically freezes

J.R. Oldroyd fbsd at
Sun Jan 13 20:52:04 PST 2008

Well, after running the ktr_sched-enabled kernel for about 4h50 now, I
did just see a short freeze.  Abt 2-3 seconds.  And I got a ktr dump
right after it came back.  It can be downloaded here (I guess rt-click
and save the link):

When I run schedgraph, all it shows for the whole period is just:
	CPU 0
	irq 17: pcm0 ath0
	ath0 taskq
that's it.  I have a shared irq between ath and the sound.  Funnily
enough, within a few mins before the freeze, I was just listening
to a voicemail (i.e., I ran mplayer on a .wav file), but that was done
easily a minute or more before the freeze.  I tried repeating that,
listening to the file and waiting a bit, but no more freezes.  So not
sure if this is a possible indication of the cause, or not.  It's
annoying not to be able to find a way of triggering this problem on
demand, though.

Anyway, I looked at the other system where I've had long freezes.
It has a shared [irq9: pcm0 cbb0++*] and on cbb0 I have an ath card!
So there, too, is an irq shared between pcm and ath.  On this system,
if I find I'm in a long freeze and don't want to be, I've found that
pulling the ath card causes an immediate un-freeze.

Admittedly, based on the recent days' discussion in this thread, I
was more expecting to see moused or powerd or an xorg problem.

Oh! Another freeze, right then!  This dump shows pcm0/ath0 too, but
also a bit more activity just after the return.
This time I was not listening to sound.  I was typing this email.

Wasn't there a thread about shared irqs here (or maybe on current)

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