RELENG_7 2008/01/10 desktop system also periodically freezes

J.R. Oldroyd fbsd at
Sun Jan 13 14:25:29 PST 2008

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 22:29:34 +0100, "Ronald Klop" <ronald-freebsd8 at> wrote:
> What version of xf86-video-intel? I'm having trouble since I upgraded  
> xf86-video-i810, which is an older version of the intel driver, from 1.6.x  
> to 1.7.x and a colleague had trouble with the 2.x version of the  
> xf86-video-intel driver.


> My trouble is a hanging system (I never waited for it to come back) and  
> then ctrl-alt-F1 (to console) gives a panic a lot of times. I just  
> prepared my machinde for a crash dump. So maybe next panic I have one.

I have not seen any panics switching between vtys.  Your "hang" might
be the same as my long freeze.  Next time it happens, try waiting for
a while.  I've had some freezes many minutes long.  A 9 min one yesterday,
and I've had a 12 min one before.  Just move the mouse and then sit back
until the cursor actually moves!

> Maybe downgrading to 1.6.x helps me again. After the next panic I'll try  
> that. But maybe it helps you also.
When I started my 7.0BETA testing the installation process gave me
xf86-video-i810 and I had several other problems which resolved on
switching to the xf86-video-intel driver.  I'd be hesitant to go
> I upgrade my RELENG_7 about every week, so it's fairly recent.
> Ronald.

Mine is now also up-to-date RELENG_7.

David's suggestion re powerd may be relevant.  I'd noticed that the
problem seems to happen when the system is idle.  I posted earlier that
it seems like I can do all sorts of work without a problem then I stop for
a phone call and when I resume it hangs.  I tend to notice a lot of hangs
when typing an email.  I have disabled powerd for now; don't really need
it anyway, that was a left-over from something quite some time back.  No
freezes yet, but it'll take several more hours to know if this might be

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