6.3-PRERELEASE desktop system periodically freezes momentarily

Kris Kennaway kris at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jan 8 11:50:56 PST 2008

Toomas Aas wrote:
> Wayne Sierke wrote:
>> FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE #5: Sat Dec 29 19:25:43 CST 2007 i386
>> I've noticed that this system is freezing periodically, for anywhere
>> from around a fraction of a second up to perhaps 1.5 seconds, and
>> occurring on average about twice a minute, but with no particular
>> pattern - i.e. it could happen twice in fairly quick succession, or not
>> for 40-50 seconds.
> I'm very surprised to find out that maybe I'm not alone in the universe. 
> I have a 6.3-PRERELEASE system (last cvsupped Dec 12), which always 
> freezes *once* a few minutes after booting up. This happens typically at 
> the time when I've just logged in using xdm, fluxbox has started up and 
> I'm opening my first xterm. The freeze lasts approximately 1-3 seconds. 
> Once this freeze is over, it doesn't happen again until I shut down the 
> machine for the night. But it does happen every time after starting up.

This is usually when your system accesses swap because you ran out of 
free RAM.


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