6.3-PRERELEASE desktop system periodically freezes momentarily

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee
Tue Jan 8 11:29:24 PST 2008

Wayne Sierke wrote:

> FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE #5: Sat Dec 29 19:25:43 CST 2007 i386
> I've noticed that this system is freezing periodically, for anywhere
> from around a fraction of a second up to perhaps 1.5 seconds, and
> occurring on average about twice a minute, but with no particular
> pattern - i.e. it could happen twice in fairly quick succession, or not
> for 40-50 seconds.

I'm very surprised to find out that maybe I'm not alone in the universe. I 
have a 6.3-PRERELEASE system (last cvsupped Dec 12), which always freezes 
*once* a few minutes after booting up. This happens typically at the time 
when I've just logged in using xdm, fluxbox has started up and I'm opening 
my first xterm. The freeze lasts approximately 1-3 seconds. Once this 
freeze is over, it doesn't happen again until I shut down the machine for 
the night. But it does happen every time after starting up.

> Ports were recently upgraded so it is now running xorg-7.3_1,
> gnome-2.20.2, nvidia-driver-96.43.01. 

I have xorg 7.3. I don't have the full Gnome installed, but I do have gtk 
2.12 and lots of other gtk-based "stuff" from gnome 2.20

> The system has been up for 5 days now and is quite loaded up with 
> applications at the moment and is normally left running. 

Mine gets shut down every night.

> The hardware is a Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 motherboard (SiS), with a 2.4GHz
> P4, 1.5GB DDR, nVidia MX440 AGP graphics, RTL-8139 network, AHA-2940
> SCSI controller (for a scanner), 2 x 80GB ATA disks.

Intel D865GLC mobo (i865), 2.8 GHz P4, 768 MB DDR, integrated i865 
graphics, integrated Intel Pro/100 Ethernet, additional VIA Fire II 
(VT6306) PCI FireWire adapter, 1x80 GB ATA disk. Arbitrary PCI 
SoundBlaster workalike which calls itself "AudioPCI ES1373-B".

> I'd really appreciate any suggestions to help identify what's going on
> here.

I've always just thought it to be some random hardware glitch that is 
hopeless to track down, but maybe I'm wrong. This machine was installed 
with FreeBSD just last autumn and initially it didn't have this problem 
running 6.2-STABLE. Unfortunately I can't pinpoint which source update or 
ports update or any other change it was that triggered this behaviour.

My kernel config diff from GENERIC:

-cpu            I486_CPU
-cpu            I586_CPU
-makeoptions    DEBUG=-g	# (<- the irony)
-options        INET6
-options        NFSCLIENT
-options        NFSSERVER
-options        NFS_ROOT
-options        COMPAT_FREEBSD4
-options        COMPAT_FREEBSD5

-device         ataraid
-device         atapifd
-device         atapist

-device         ahb
-device         ahc
-options        AHC_REG_PRETTY_PRINT
-device         ahd
-options        AHD_REG_PRETTY_PRINT
-device         amd
-device         isp
-device         mpt
-device         sym
-device         trm
-device         adv
-device         adw
-device         aha
-device         aic
-device         bt
-device         ncv
-device         nsp
-device         stg

-device         ch
-device         sa
-device         ses

-device         amr
-device         arcmsr
-device         asr
-device         ciss
-device         dpt
-device         hptmv
-device         rr232x
-device         iir
-device         ips
-device         mly
-device         twa

-device         aac
-device         aacp
-device         ida
-device         mfi
-device         mlx
-device         pst
-device         twe

-device         cbb
-device         pccard
-device         cardbus

-device         ppc
-device         ppbus
-device         lpt
-device         plip
-device         ppi

-device         de
-device         em
-device         ixgb
-device         txp
-device         vx

-device         bce
-device         bfe
-device         bge
-device         dc

-device         lge
-device         msk
-device         nge
-device         nve
-device         pcn
-device         re
-device         rl
-device         sf
-device         sis
-device         sk
-device         ste
-device         stge
-device         ti
-device         tl
-device         tx
-device         vge
-device         vr
-device         wb
-device         xl

-device         cs
-device         ed
-device         ex
-device         ep
-device         fe
-device         ie
-device         lnc
-device         sn
-device         xe

-device         wlan
-device         wlan_wep
-device         wlan_ccmp
-device         wlan_tkip
-device         an
-device         ath
-device         ath_hal
-device         ath_rate_sample
-device         awi
-device         ral
-device         wi

-device         sl
-device         ppp
-device         gif
-device         faith

-device         ohci
-device         ural
-device         urio
-device         uscanner
-device         aue
-device         axe
-device         cdce
-device         cue
-device         kue
-device         rue

-device         fwe

+device         sound
+device         snd_es137x

+device         smb
+device         smbus
+device         ichsmb

+device         atapicam

+options        COMPAT_LINUX

+device         pf
+device         pflog

+device         drm
+device         i915drm

# vmstat -i
interrupt                          total       rate
irq1: atkbd0                           3          0
irq6: fdc0                             8          0
irq12: psm0                       122250         36
irq14: ata0                         8244          2
irq15: ata1                         1392          0
irq16: uhci0 uhci+                 23973          7
irq20: fxp0                         2337          0
irq21: fwohci0                         1          0
irq22: pcm0                       254359         76
irq23: ehci0                           1          0
cpu0: timer                      6650935       1999
Total                            7063503       2123

# cat /etc/make.conf
CFLAGS=-O2 -pipe

> # vmstat -i
> interrupt                          total       rate
> irq1: atkbd0                      256273          0
> irq6: fdc0                             8          0
> irq14: ata0                      4009537          8
> irq15: ata1                      2778519          6
> irq16: nvidia0                  18466724         41
> irq18: pcm0 ahc0               325275270        727
> irq19: rl0                       4942307         11
> irq20: ohci0                    69879564        156
> irq21: ohci1                      993537          2
> irq23: ehci0                           1          0
> cpu0: timer                    894649288       2000
> Total                         1321251028       2953
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