Cannot mount a nfs share after doing a snapshot

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Mon Jan 7 05:25:15 PST 2008

I too saw mountd / exports just fail on 2 systems upgraded in last
days from 7RC4 to newest 7 Stable (CTM src-7 80, received here Jan
6 15:15 CEST=GMT+01:00).  I am not using .snap snapshot.  My other
AMD & NFS on other FreeBSD-4 & 6 hosts remains OK.
AMD & NFS as client & server was working till then. I just upgraded src/
& rebooted & exports failed.

  mountd[563]: can't change attributes for /
  mountd[563]: bad exports list line / host1 host2 host3

named seems to resolve hosts OK though. (my usual first suspect :-)

su; mount_nfs lapd:/usr /mnt
	[udp] lapd:/usr: Permission denied

Maybe changed hosts/pam/ssh/inetd type root auth defaults between RC4 & now ?
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