Cannot mount a nfs share after doing a snapshot

Jose Garcia Juanino jjuanino at
Mon Jan 7 05:19:56 PST 2008

El lunes 07 de enero a las 12:06:50 CET, Greg Byshenk escribió:
> > # file /.snap/now
> > /.snap/now: Unix Fast File system [v2] (little-endian) last mounted on
> > /, last written at Sun Jan  6 16:24:19 2008, clean flag 1, readonly flag
> > 1, number of blocks 130721, number of data blocks 126520, number of
> > cylinder groups 4, block size 16384, fragment size 2048, average file
> > size 16384, average number of files in dir 64, pending blocks to free 0,
> > pending inodes to free 0, system-wide uuid 0, minimum percentage of free
> > blocks 8, TIME optimization
> Ok, so it looks like your /.snap/now snapshot actually exists, and is being
> made, so it looks like the command
> 	# mount -u -o snapshot /.snap/now /
> is actually working. (So ignore the rest of what I said last time...)
> I've just played with this a bit myself (I'm no expert, but I use snapshots
> currently with 6-STABLE and want to know about any future problems), and I
> can reproduce the problem (7.0-PRERELEASE as of 2 Jan 2008). I see the same
> sort of errors as you report, and they cannot be cleared even by removing
> the snapshot file and restarting nfsd/mountd. The only solution appears to
> be to remove the snapshot and restart the machine. I can see how this might
> be a bit inconvenient.
> That said, there appears to be a problem with using the 
> 	# mount -u -o snapshot <snapshot> <filesystem>
> form of the command.
> The problem does _not_ occur (at least in my test) if you use the the
> 	# mksnap_ffs <filesystem> <snapshot>
> command. Can you try taking a snapshot using mksnap_ffs?

Yes, as I have explained in my first post. Taking the snapshot with
mksnap_ffs has no problem at all.

> If mksnap_ffs works, while 'mount -u -o' fails, then it looks like a bug...

Yes, I think so. The annoying fact is that I am using the
sysutils/freebsd-snapshot port to take periodic snapshots and it
executes mount -u -o snapshot <snapshot> <filesystem> to make the
snapshots instead of mksnap_ffs <filesystem> <snapshot>.

Best regards
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