RELENG_7 jerky mouse and skipping sound (still a problem -BETA3)

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sat Jan 5 03:23:14 PST 2008

Marcus Reid wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 30, 2007 at 03:30:40PM -0800, David E. Thiel wrote:
>> I've tried a lot of stuff in between, and all I've been able to narrow
>> it down to is that it's not a display driver issue, and that none of
>> my swap partition is getting used, so that's not the problem. During
>> compiles, my UP system with ULE still gets very unresponsive when
>> compiling, sometimes taking up to 10 seconds just to draw a new terminal
>> window. Even changing focus with the window manager can take several
>> seconds. I'd like to provide more info, but I'm not sure what stats
>> are useful for this particular issue. Please let me know. 
> I get the same type of thing, and have brought it up on the lists
> at some point in the past.  Basically, if the x server process
> consumes enough CPU that it is not regarded by ULE to be an
> "interactive" process anymore, then it doesn't fair very well
> against other processes that are contending for CPU.  I use
> Windowmaker, which normally treads pretty lightly, but I can
> imagine that the problem would be much easier to trigger on some
> other window managers.  I can easily trigger it by starting xlockmore
> with a pretty busy screenhack with a compile running in the background.

OK, so your ktr dump is where? :)


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