Nagios + 6.3-RELEASE == Hung Process

Jarrod Sayers jarrod at
Wed Jan 2 14:16:21 PST 2008

On 03/01/2008, at 1:56 AM, Tom Judge wrote:
> I have also seen this issue, but have always put it down to the way  
> that
> we manage our nagios deployments with cfengine.  I will try to deploy
> this change and monitor for the problem to see if it persists.

I hope I can confirm your frustrations.  There is a threading issue  
with Nagios when it's binaries are linked against libpthread(3)  
threading library, the default on recent FreeBSD 5.x releases and all  
6.x releases. The issue is random and extremely difficult to track  
down with the symptoms being a second Nagios process sitting on the  
system hanging a CPU.  Be rest assured that I have been working on it,  
and have seen it on one system of mine.

Changes have been submitted for net-mgmt/nagios-devel (aka Nagios  
3.0.r1)) to force the build process to link against libthr(3) where  
available, removing the need to map libpthread() out with /etc/ 
libmap.conf.  If this goes well, as stated in the PR, i'll back-port  
it to net-mgmt/nagios (aka Nagios 2.10) in the next few days.

If anyone out there is running net-mgmt/nagios-devel and feels like  
trying it for me, see ports/119246 and drop me an email with a before  
and after "ldd /usr/local/bin/nagios".

> On a side note if you want to use broker modules with nagios from port
> you need to change the following in the port Makefile in order to make
> them load properly:
> From:
> USE_AUTOTOOLS=  autoconf:259
> To:
> SE_AUTOTOOLS=  autoconf:259 libltdl:15
> I sent an email to the maintainer but got no response and my email did
> not seem to have affected the last commit to upgrade to 2.10

I did receive that email and the changes went in with the last commit  
of net-mgmt/nagios-devel to test.  No issues have arisen so i'll be  
back-porting it to net-mgmt/nagios soon for you.  There also has been  
a rather large ports freeze which delayed the upgrade to Nagios 2.10,  
that PR was submitted on the 1st of November and committed on the 13th  
of December.  Unfortunately your email fell somewhere in the middle,  
apologies for not letting you know.


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