Nagios + 6.3-RELEASE == Hung Process

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Tue Jan 1 11:03:44 PST 2008

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G'day ...

  Yesterday, I setup nagios to do some system monitoring ... installed the 
latest version from ports into a jail, so that I could easily move it around 
between machines as I upgrade, without losing data ... after about 30 minutes 
running, I get a second nagios process running (fork?) that takes up ch CPU 
time as is available, and just hangs there until I kill -9 it ...

Figuring that it might be a problem with the jail (trying to access somethign 
that isn't available to the process in a jail), I moved it to the physical 
server level ... but, again, after ~30 minutes, its doing the same thing:

# ps aux | grep nagios
nagios  32065 73.2  0.1 10948  3516  ??  R    11:15AM   7:40.77 
/usr/local/bin/nagios -d /usr/local/etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
nagios  82120  0.0  0.1 10948  3580  ??  Ss   10:47AM   0:01.18 
/usr/local/bin/nagios -d /usr/local/etc/nagios/nagios.cfg

So, definitely not jail related ...

I've tried to do a 'truss -p 32065', it just hangs.

And: ktrace -f /tmp/output -p 32065 ... produces nothing:

# kdump -f /tmp/output
 32065 nagios   PSIG  SIGKILL SIG_DFL

Once I kill -9 the process, a bunch of 'check_ping' processes start up and then 
things go back to normal ...

My last kernel / world build on that box is: Mon Nov 12 06:43:30 AST 2007

After searching the 'Net a bit, came across this thread:


That recommends modifying libmap.conf with:


This seems to fix the problem on the physical server, and am currently testing 
it in the jail itself to make sure it fixes it there too ...

Should this be something that is more prominently documented somewhere?  Maybe 
in the port itself?  azureus has similar problems that are fixed with entries 
in libmap.conf, so its not "just a nagios issue" ...

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