Installworld fails on 7.0-RC1

Peter Thoenen peter.thoenen at
Tue Jan 1 10:44:59 PST 2008


Hope the new year finds everybody well and not too hung over :) ...
posted a bit earlier with BETA4 but just wanted to state that
installworld still fails for me on 7.0-RC1

- uname -a = FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 FreeBSD 7.0RC1
#1: Tue Jan 1 10:28:19 EST 2008
root at  amd64

The entire build output (alo script) can be found at:

Repost of current issues with 7.0:


Issue 1:

I originally built my source with WITHOUT_TCSH=YES defined but then
discovered later that needs it to build.  I can manually
go into /usr/src/contrib/tcsh and make and make install but when I
attempt to rebuild world (after removed WITHOUT_TSCH=YES from src.conf)
it dies.  See:


Issue 2:

To resolve Issue 2 I simply stick WITHOUT_TCSH=YES back in my src.conf
and make buildworld.  Once this completes I continue to follow UPDATING
and make kernel (just fine) and reboot into single user mode.  Once here
though make installworld FAILS.  As you can see my kern.securelevel is
correct and I know for a fact zfs supports symlinks so got me.  To get
around this I do it the old fashion way and "make installkernel" and
then "make install" continuing to follow UPDATING
after this (make delete-old and mergemaster -i).


Help on the above issues would be appreciated.  I can provide more info
as needed or troubleshoot further if you provide me exactly what you
want me to do.



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