re(4) lockups on a MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital (7.0-BETA3 amd64)

Martin Matuska mm at
Mon Nov 26 00:27:50 PST 2007


I am using a MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital (MS-7368) mainboard with 7.0-BETA3 in
amd64 mode at a german dedicated server provider.
The mainboard has a onboard re(4) ethernet controller. I experience a
very strange behaiviour:

When there are large transfers on the onboard SATA controller the re(4)
controller starts to have packet loss.

This packet loss does not stop when there is no more load on ata(4).
With another high load (like doing a full-system backup) the packet loss
keeps increasing up to 90% and more - the system is not accesible over
the internet anymore, packets get lost, SSH sessions or http requests
get stale, I have to restart the system.

I experience no kernel panics. Another (maybe related) problem that
occurs (but does not effect system responsiveness) is described in:

Here is some information about the system:

dmesg (boot -v):

pciconf -lcv:


I don't understand why this happens and would like to help debugging
this issue.

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