Debugging symbols for servers installed from CD

Clifton Royston cliftonr at
Wed Nov 21 09:16:17 PST 2007

  All three SMP servers I recently installed with 6.2p8 from a custom
build CD rebooted within the space of 24 hours about a day ago.  (One
of them is still not up; it sounds like it's requiring me to get to the
console to fix the root fs.) Unfortunately I'd forgotten to set dumpdev
in rc.conf on them, so I have nothing to analyze as yet.

  I've done "dumpon" and set dumpdev for the next boot, but making the
assumption that I get a good crash dump if this recurs, should I be
able to find the unstripped kernel somewhere on the build system?  If
it makes a difference, I'm no longer using custom kernel options, just
sticking with GENERIC or SMP.

  I'm just wanting to be able to provide some useful info if this
happens again.  (It's a bit disappointing in that at the point I'd
upgraded them, they'd run for over 350 days since last restart in 4.8x,
and they didn't make it to one month in 6.2.)
  -- Clifton

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