[FreeBSD 7.0-BETA1 and beyound] Rescue environment is non-functional on AMD64/Intel64

Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Thu Nov 8 05:50:25 PST 2007

on 08/11/2007 00:25 Wayne Chapeskie said the following:
> For BETA2, there is a separate livefs iso image available for amd64 and
> ia64.  The i386 disc1 ISO's still include "Fixit" functionality, in the
> usual place in the first sysinstall menu.  If the required packages take
> up too much space for the i386 release, we will probably see a separate
> livefs ISO for this as well.  Earlier releases or snapshots for the
> amd64 and ia64 may not have had the same space constraints, and
> perhaps included fixit/livefs functionality on the disc1 ISO.

BTW, maybe this should be documented somewhere ?
Explanations like this one should not be left to mailing list archives
and search engine indexes alone.

It seems that livefs ISOs are produced for some time now, but I never
saw any description of them. This might not be a good example, but if I
google for "FreeBSD livefs" I don't get any meaningful results, mostly
links to the ISOs. So until now I was puzzled about the purpose of those
ISOs and their difference to disk1 live fs functionality. Yes, I am a
newcomer from i386 to amd64.

Andriy Gapon

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