FreeBSD 7.0 and X.Org packages

Wayne Chapeskie waynec at
Wed Nov 7 22:10:07 PST 2007

This may already be on someone's todo list... However, I notice in
7.0BETA2 that sysinstall still has the old X.Org package list from the
last ISO's that had packages, namely the 6.2 release.  The xorg
package structure has changed fairly significantly from xorg-6.9.0 to
the current 7.3.  Instead of a dozen or so packages, the top level
metaport now installs about 240 packages; xorg-clients has been
replaced by xorg-apps, which is a metaport for lots of little X
applications.  It might be a reasonable time to remove the
fine-grained specifications of X.Org packages in
/usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/dist.c, and replace it with a single
dependency  on the top level meta-package.

Wayne Chapeskie

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