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Nicolas Szalay nszalay at qualigaz.com
Mon Aug 6 01:24:40 PDT 2007

Le lundi 06 août 2007 à 10:20 +0200, Gót András a écrit :
> Hi,


> I don't really know. Our BSD machines don't frooze. :) Really, I didn't
> have any production FreeBSD that froze. With 4.8 or 4.9 and Intel HTT
> enabled there were reboots, but on good hardware FreeBSD runs stable.

Mine don't freeze too, but caring is better than healing :) I
experienced some problems on a firewall some months ago due to a kernel
misconfiguration (polling is mandatory with 6 NICS).

> The remote IPMI solution depends on the exact implementation. What I wrote
> is only for the X2100M2 machines. IMHO If your machines has a bridge that
> the OS cannot see (so the driver cannot take over) the remote console will
> work fine.
> For ipmi install /usr/ports/<somewhere>/ipmi-tool and you can monitor your
> system with munin for example. My collegue wrote a munin plugin:
> http://muninexchange.projects.linpro.no/?search=&cid=0&os%5B4%5D=on&os%5B7%5D=on&os%5B3%5D=on&os%5B2%5D=on&os%5B5%5D=on&os%5B8%5D=on&os%5B1%5D=on&os%5B6%5D=on&pid=59
> For FreeBSD you've to rewrite a little, but if you like I send you my
> version for the X2100.
> We would be very thankful if you send your ipmi output with your machine
> or mainboard version. Then we can extend our plugin. :)

I will send it when I'll have my machines set up :)

Have a nice day,

Nicolas Szalay

Administrateur systèmes & réseaux

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