IPMI & SuperMicro

Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at clara.net
Mon Aug 6 02:55:08 PDT 2007

* G?t Andr?s (andrej at antiszoc.hu) wrote:

> On these you've to forget the ipmi console, because once bge(4) loads
> it blocks the bridge that the ipmi uses for remote console.  There was
> a patch for an older bge(4) driver, but on the 6.2 i couldn't patch
> the driver. (I looked the source, but the two was too different, and
> since I'm not a C programmer I couldn't manage to port.)

This was merged to RELENG_6 several months ago, if you're happy running


Note you need to set hw.bge.asf_mode=1

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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