ggate still broken on 6.2-RC1 for amd64.

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Wed Nov 29 22:57:06 PST 2006

GGate is still broken on 6.2-RC1 for amd64.

I have verified that the patch in kern/104829 has been applied (it's
in the tree).

I have also added the patch in amd64/91799 --- without it, ggated
doesn't work at all.  This should definately make it into 6.2

But the ggated/ggatec in 6.2-RC1 connects now (and is happy about
that).  In fact, the tasting on the ggatec side that happens due to
new disks showing up works, too.  However, any attempt to pass
significant traffic causes ggatec to seeminly lock up.

In my configuration, I have a gmirror running with a local disk
(already) and I want to "gmirror insert" the ggate disk.  When I do
so, I get 50 write requests queued (I upped the gmirror buffer count
to 50 to make syncronization happen faster) and things never move from

The machines in question are connected by private gigabit ethernet
with a 9k MTU.


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