problems using bge on hp bl460c blade

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Wed Nov 29 13:12:43 PST 2006


I have just installed 6.2 RC1 on my new blade. The (optional)
mezzanine-card NC326m is seen as bge. My problem is that there is no
link. I installed ubuntu 6.10 which gets link and ping works so the
hardware setup itself is ok. Ubuntu sees the nic as as 5714 chip rev.
9003 ( Tigon3 [partno(011276-001) rev 9003 PHY(5714)] ).

During FreeBSD's boot the nic is seen as a BCM5714 unknown. Rev. 9003
is not in if_bgereg.h so I added

#define BGE_CHIPID_BCM5714_B4           0x90030000

and recompiled the kernel but it did not give me my missing link.
Partial pciconf -lv shows chip=0x167914e4 which is

#define BCOM_DEVICEID_BCM5715S          0x1679

in if_bgereg.h.

I only have one mezzanine-card atm. and I need to get the blade up and
running in a few days so I will probably throw ubuntu on it. I will
get more mezzanine-cards and can continue testing the bge-driver in
the coming days.

I won't mind digging into the bge-driver myself but will need some
hand-holding and some pointers/examples to get started.

According to HP's website the mezzanine-card has a 5715 chip but
FreeBSD (and ubuntu) sees it as 5714. Are these two chips closely


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