6-STABLE (6.2-PRE) and applications (named natd dhcpd) getting stuckin state zoneli (zone limit) - dynamic ipfw rules not working after time- vlans on em

delphij at delphij.net delphij at delphij.net
Thu Nov 23 04:24:26 PST 2006


On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 12:41:04 -0800, Jonathan Feally <vulture at netvulture.com> wrote:
> Sorry to cross post, but the net list didn't help a couple weeks back on
> this.
> names, natd, and dhcpd have all been getting stuck in zoneli (zone
> limit) since I upgraded to the box to stable about a month ago. It was
> running a 6.1-STABLE before with out difficulty. Very little has changed
> on the box. All the same applications, same ipfw rules for the most part
> (just more rules for new customers). Most of the time the processes
> cannot be killed. I did get lucky yesterday with dhcpd. It finally died
> about an hour later. I was compiling the latest stable at the time. But
> got up again today to find dhcpd in zoneli. Can someone please point me
> in the correct direction to trouble shoot this problem. I don't really
> know how to get a full dump of what a process is doing, so a quick what
> to do and post back would be great.

Will you please try the patch at:


To see if it gets your situation improved?

Thanks in advance!


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