Configuration of NVRAM & drives mismatch for error on dell serve

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Wed Nov 22 23:22:48 PST 2006

On 11/22/06, Ajit Mittal <yashmitl at> wrote:
> Actully one of the server has raid with 4 drives. We
> by mistake removed them from the server without
> labelling them
> Now when we boot then get the error Configuration of
> NVRam & drives mismatch for HA-0(normal mismatch)
> What i think is that hard drives has some id given by
> raid controller and also saves  thsi information in
> its bios(NVRAM).Which are mismatch bcoz of the hard
> drives are not at the right spot.

Label the disks a, b, c, d.  Then remove disks c and d, and reinsert
them but in the opposite slot, then check the status of the raid.  You
may have to do this 24 times, before you hit the right combination.

a b c d    b a c d    c b a d    d b c a
a b d c    b a d c    c b d a    d b a c
a c d b    b c d a    c a d b    d c a b
a c b d    b c a d    c a b d    d c b a
a d b c    b d a c    c d b a    d a b c
a d c b    b d c a    c d a b    d a c b

You maybe able to cheat, if your raid tells you which slots don't have
the correct disk in it.

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