Configuration of NVRAM & drives mismatch for error on dell server

Tom Samplonius tom at
Wed Nov 22 22:52:13 PST 2006

----- Ajit Mittal <yashmitl at> wrote:
> Actully one of the server has raid with 4 drives. We
> by mistake removed them from the server without
> labelling them
> Now when we boot then get the error Configuration of
> NVRam & drives mismatch for HA-0(normal mismatch)
> What i think is that hard drives has some id given by
> raid controller and also saves  thsi information in
> its bios(NVRAM).Which are mismatch bcoz of the hard
> drives are not at the right spot.
> Ajit

  So you know what the problem is, and you know what caused it.  I guess you are asking for a solution?

  This isn't FreeBSD related. And don't you say what kind of RAID controller you are using.  But likely there is a "Load RAID config from disks" option, or something like it.  I would probably call Dell support and confirm, before risk trashing your data.


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