sshd. "UseDNS no" ignored?

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Tue Nov 21 06:51:30 PST 2006

I remember a discussion about this maybe a few years ago.  I recall that 
it is basically impossible to stop ssh from looking up DNS addresses. 
The problem I was having was that ssh would take a long time to connect 
on my intranet, when my internet connection was slow or not working.  I 
thought that the solution might be to put the relevant intranet 
addresses into /etc/hosts, but since sshd operates in some kind of 
jailed environment, that didn't work.  Apparently there is some place 
where you can put hosts so that sshd will look at it.  But I opted for a 
different option, and placed a DNS server on my intranet.

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