Installing 6.2-BETA3 from floppies

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Thu Nov 16 18:56:07 PST 2006

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 01:19:28PM +0100, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Eugene Grosbein wrote:
>  > Eugene Grosbein wrote:
>  > > I'm trying to install FreeBSD 6.x onto old Packard Bell machine,
>  > > it is Pentium-166 with 80Mb RAM and 10Gb HDD ("Orlando" motherboard).
>  > > [...]
>  > > However, timer does not 'tick' and there is always 10 seconds left.
>  > > I choose verbose mode, it starts to show its diagnostic output
>  > > but last line it shows is 'Calibrating clocks...' then it halts:
>  > > keyboard leds do not switch, there is no reaction on 'Ctrl-Alt-ESC'.
>  > 
>  > Hmm, I was too quick... The kernel has spent lots of minutes
>  > 'sitting in this pose' but suddenly said that clock calibration
>  > has failed and it will use default frequency.
> Apparently the RTC on that mainboard is dead.  Did you try
> replacing its battery?  It's usually a small lithium button
> cell, or (on very old boards) a small battery package.
> If that doesn't help, I guess the RTC chip itself is broken.

on sone pentium pro motherboards manucactured in america, as opposed to
those manufactured by american companies located in tiawan .. the 6 or
so motherboards that i have seen worked with (clients
machines/networks) they all had the cmose/realtime clocks batteries
integrated into teh "rtc clock chip" it is some sort of mercury

motherboards with that style of rtc clock battery and or cmos battery
have only one way to fix teh flat battery, that is to replace teh
motherboard with one that has a "normal" battery for the rtc/cmos

sorry for the typing, i'm tyyping blind (just about) at teh monebt.

most kind regards


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