Debugging a dump - need alternative?

Robert Marella rmarella at
Fri Nov 10 04:12:09 UTC 2006

I am sorry if this is a repost but I never saw it hit the list.

Aloha All

One of my computers has an Asus A8N-VM motherboard. I have been running
i386 on it for nearly a year. I played around with AMD64 earlier stuck
with the i386.

Last week I set up a dual boot with i386 and AMD64. The i386 is on a
SATA drive and I installed 6.2 Beta 3 on and IDE Drive. All went well
and I was installing ports from source. When I tried to install K3B it

I then cvsup'd the source (RELENG_6) and tried to update the system. It
was compiling for a few minutes and dumped again. I set "dumpdev" and
"dumdir" in rc.conf and proceded again. It crashed and the dump was

Here's my problem: Since this was the first time I was building the
world, I cannot cd to /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KERNCONF because it doesn't

I went to the i386 slice and did the upgrade (also RELENG_6) without
any problem. This seems to tell me that memory is good (2 Gig) and I am
not overheating. 

I mounted the partition for the IDE that has the crash and tried to
read it from the i386 but it can't do it. 

Is there some other way for me to debug the dump? This is the only
AMD64 system that I have. 

All help is appreciated. TIA


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