Downgrade to 5.5

Marko Lerota mlerota at
Thu Nov 9 10:28:20 UTC 2006

Albert Shih <shih at> writes:

> Well after this thing I want to downgrade to 5.x. Can I use this process:
> 	I make buildworld & buildkernel on a FreeBSD 5.x server. 
> 	I make a tar.gz of /usr/obj and /usr/src
> 	I tranfert this two tar.gz on my 6-stable server.
> 	Untar on right place
> 	make installkernel on /usr/src from 5.x
> 	reboot
> 	make installworld.

I tried regularly like it was upgrade but it was downgrade from 6-STABLE 
to 5.4-RELEASE and it didn't worked.

> I don't really care if the 6-stable-/usr/local/bin running on my downgrade
> server. Because this server running only nfsd.

I had the same problems, it happened only if you have QUOTA option in kernel. 
Other-ways it worked OK. They said it would be fixed long time ago, but they 

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