bind9 trouble in -PRERELEASE

Nguyen Tam Chinh chinhngt at
Wed Nov 1 08:19:52 UTC 2006


I have a server with busy local DNS (bind 9.3.2-P1, listen on localhost). 
The bind9 got strange problem and gone away for the last some days:

Oct 31 11:34:49 cat9 named[500]: 
INSIST(((unsigned char *)mem
)[size] == 0xbe) failed
Oct 31 11:34:49 cat9 named[500]: exiting (due to assertion failure)
Oct 31 11:34:49 cat9 kernel: pid 500 (named), uid 53: exited on signal 6

The kernel and world (included bind9) were updated to 6.2-PRERELEASE of 
Please advice if you have any further information.
Thank you.

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