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Hello Everyone,

The branches supported by the FreeBSD Security Officer have been
updated to reflect recent EoL (end-of-life) events.  The new list is
below and at <URL: >.  FreeBSD 5.3 and
FreeBSD 5.4 have `expired' and are no longer supported effective
November 1, 2006.

The end-of-life date for FreeBSD 6.0 has been delayed by two months
in order to allow time for users to upgrade after FreeBSD 6.2 is
released.  As a result, FreeBSD 6.0 and FreeBSD 4.11 will both reach
their respective EoLs and cease to be supported at the end of January

[Excerpt from follows]

FreeBSD Security Advisories

   The FreeBSD Security Officer provides security advisories for
   several branches of FreeBSD development. These are the -STABLE
   Branches and the Security Branches. (Advisories are not issued for
   the -CURRENT Branch.)

     * There is usually only a single -STABLE branch, although during
       the transition from one major development line to another
       (such as from FreeBSD 5.x to 6.x), there is a time span in
       which there are two -STABLE branches. The -STABLE branch tags
       have names like RELENG_6. The corresponding builds have names
       like FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE.

     * Each FreeBSD Release has an associated Security Branch. The
       Security Branch tags have names like RELENG_6_1. The
       corresponding builds have names like FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p1.

   Isses affecting the FreeBSD Ports Collection are covered in the
   FreeBSD VuXML document.

   Each branch is supported by the Security Officer for a limited
   time only, and is designated as one of `Early adopter', `Normal',
   or `Extended'.  The designation is used as a guideline for
   determining the lifetime of the branch as follows.

   Early adopter
       Releases which are published from the -CURRENT branch will be
       supported by the Security Officer for a minimum of 6 months
       after the release.

       Releases which are published from a -STABLE branch will be
       supported by the Security Officer for a minimum of 12 months
       after the release.

       Selected releases will be supported by the Security Officer
       for a minimum of 24 months after the release.

   The current designation and estimated lifetimes of the currently
   supported branches are given below.  The Estimated EoL (end-of-life)
   column gives the earliest date on which that branch is likely to be
   dropped.  Please note that these dates may be extended into the
   future, but only extenuating circumstances would lead to a branch's
   support being dropped earlier than the date listed.

   |  Branch   |  Release   |  Type  |  Release date  |  Estimated EoL  |
   |RELENG_4   |n/a         |n/a     |n/a             |January 31, 2007 |
   |RELENG_4_11|4.11-RELEASE|Extended|January 25, 2005|January 31, 2007 |
   |RELENG_5   |n/a         |n/a     |n/a             |May 31, 2008     |
   |RELENG_5_5 |5.5-RELEASE |Extended|May 25, 2006    |May 31, 2008     |
   |RELENG_6   |n/a         |n/a     |n/a             |last release + 2y|
   |RELENG_6_0 |6.0-RELEASE |Normal  |November 4, 2005|January 31, 2007 |
   |RELENG_6_1 |6.1-RELEASE |Extended|May 9, 2006     |May 31, 2008     |

[End excerpt]

Colin Percival
FreeBSD Security Officer
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