imap w/cleartext on 5.4-RELEASE

Chris H. fbsd at
Wed May 31 11:12:02 PDT 2006

I realize this message is somewhat old. But as I'm also running
FreeBSD-5.4 + Horde/Imp. I thought I'd comment. I have been using
Horde+Imp with IMAP-UW for several years. I just recently installed
Dovecot. I did so while IMAP-UW was still installed. I simply
commented out the lines for IMAP-UW in inetd.conf, sent a
killall -HUP inetd and proceeded to build/ install Dovecot. This
way, I'd be able to revert if I decided Dovecot was not the best
choice for me. As it turns out; I should have installed Dovecot
a LONG time ago. In short; Mike Jakubik hit the nail squarely
on the head. Dovecot *far* exceeds IMAP-UW in performance and
configurability. My server loads were *greatly* reduced after
making the switch. I also found; although taking a little longer
to setup, is by far and away more configurable and efficient than
IMPA-UW. So to anyone else that is contemplating which IMAP
server to build/ install on their system. It's a "no brainer".
Choose Dovecot. It's sure to get even better as it matures.

--Chris out...

P.S. I am not employed by, nor do I have any affiliation with
Dovecot. Other than having made the choice to install it on my

Quoting Mike Jakubik <mikej at>:

> jason wrote:
>> I'm trying to get imap-uw built on 5.4-RELEASE so that it wil allow 
>> plaintext logins.  (All connections will be from localhost so I'm 
>> not concerned with SSL)  But it doesn't want to behave itself.  I've 
>> tried building it this way:
> This belongs more on the ports mailing list, not stable. I don't know 
> why you have this problem, but i would suggest you use dovecot or 
> courier as an imap server instead.
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Shameless self-promotion follows...
... or does it?

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