(bsd)tar is broken on 6.1

Jean-Marc Zucconi jmz at freebsd.org
Fri May 26 01:37:59 PDT 2006

>>>>> Jonathan Noack writes:

 > Jean-Marc Zucconi wrote:
 >> # tar cf /dev/null X11R6.old
 >> # archive_write_pax_header: 'x' header failed?!  This can't happen.

 > This seems to work fine here:
 > [noackjr at optimator:/usr] $ uname -rm
 > 6.1-RELEASE i386
 > [noackjr at optimator:/usr] $ tar --version
 > bsdtar 1.02.023, libarchive 1.02.026
 > Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Tim Kientzle
 > [noackjr at optimator:/usr] $ tar cf /dev/null X11R6
 > [noackjr at optimator:/usr] $

Sure, but the directories are not the same. I have narrowed the
problem to a specific subdirectory and I think I have the explanation:

-rw-r--r--  1 jmz  jmz    4312 Apr 16  1947 supclkrd.prg

Don't ask me why the date is wrong, this is really old stuff :-)

On the other hand tar has no problem extracting it. If someone wants
to debug it, the archive is available as


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