PostgreSQL uses more memory on 6.1?

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Wed May 24 16:24:49 PDT 2006

Kirk Strauser wrote:

> Bumping shmall did the trick, but semmsl was pretty low so I bumped it up 
> just in case.
> Is any of this stuff well documented other than in NOTES?  I can see what 
> each setting does, but don't really have a feel for *why* I'd need to 
> increase a given setting, what the drawback is to increasing it, or why it 
> was so low in the first place.

For the configuration of IPC for Postgresql, see:

And scroll down to the section for FreeBSD.

Unfortunately, that whole section on kernel resources is a bit hidden 
away - it usually takes me a couple of attempts to find it!



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