4.11 snapshots?

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Tue May 16 10:29:40 PDT 2006


We'd like to. But we need the servers we're building to outperform
Linux in file and database operations, and they only do that under

Also, the 6.1 release engineering page showed some worrisome
problems -- including such things as potential problems with the
Intel "fxp" and "em" drivers (which we absolutely can't have).
It's gone now, but while it was up it said that work on those
issues was still in progress, that the fixes needed testing, and/or
that they were being deferred to the next release.

So, some of these machines will have to get 4.11. We can't be on
the cutting edge all of the time when we're making production
servers. In some cases, what we need is a tried-and-true version
with bug fixes.

--Brett Glass

At 11:04 AM 5/16/2006, Colin Percival wrote:

>If you absolutely must run FreeBSD 4.11, install the RELEASE and
>then run FreeBSD Update.
>Personally, since FreeBSD 4.11 will reach its EoL about 8 months
>from now, and the 4.x->[56].x upgrade path is non-trivial, I
>recommend installing FreeBSD 6.1 instead.
>Colin Percival

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