burncd audio produces white noise

Michael A. Koerber mak at ll.mit.edu
Tue May 16 04:31:44 PDT 2006


  Thanks for the responses.  Based on your input I did find that,
following the handbook,

  1.  Starting with a known good audio CD
  2.  Rip via dd if=/dev/acd0t01 ... etc
  3.  burncd -f /dev/acd0 track01.cdr ... etc

worked just fine.

  Thus the MP3 to CDR conversion had to be the cause.  I used the
command (tnx Lars Eighner)

  mpg123 -sr 44100 filename.mp3 > filename.cdr

and then burncd'd these tracks...worked!  I don't know if the
underlying cause is sample rate, or byte-order.  But I have a
solution...So...I'm back to getting music together for my daughter's
wedding...I'll solve the final mystery another day :-)

tnx all


At Mon, 15 May 2006 08:00:48 -0400,
Michael A. Koerber wrote:
> All,
>   Once upon a time, I think with 5.x or perhaps earlier, the command
> (ATAPI drive)
>     burncd -ef /dev/acd0 audio *.cdr fixate
> would produce an audio CD for me.  However, under 6.0 and recently 6.1
> this same command produces an CD filled with white noise only.  The entire
> procedure I've used is:
>   1.  Start w/ some MP3 files.
>   2.  Use sox (or lame) to convert to CDR format
>   3.  Verify the CDR format with 'xine filename.cdr'  (sounds good)
>   4.  Make CD with above command.
>   5.  Play CD on two different players (one on PC, one on entertainment system) 
>       (sounds like white noise)
>   6.  Extract a CD track with dd if=/dev/acd0t01 of=tmp.cdr bs=2532
>   7.  Test ripped track with 'xine tmp.cdr' sound just like the original MP3!
> To ensure that there weren't permissions problems along the way, I've executed
> these commands as root, though I once did this as a normal user.
> Any ideas on what I should look at to fix this problem?
> tnx in advance
> mike
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