burncd audio produces white noise

Stephen Hurd shurd at sasktel.net
Mon May 15 21:28:11 PDT 2006

Max Laier wrote:
>> Yeah, I've noticed that too now that you mention it.  When it happened
>> to me, I switched to using atapicam and cdrecord with the -swab parameter.
>> Also, you may want to look at audio/mp3burn (still need to pass -swab
>> though)
>> I would recommend that you file a PR on this one.
> Obviously you are giving the wrong options to sox/lame.  Most likely you
> are confusing byte-order.  Might also be a problem with the configuration
> options for the respective ports
Something was confusing byte-order, that's for sure (or -swab wouldn't 
help) however, when I ripped, I would use madplay, not sox... and I 
*believe* that I had tried the dd method from CD to CD as outlined in 
the handbook and it failed too.  I'm groping for details because I don't 
burn audio CDs very often, but when something is converted from mp3 to 
cda, then the resulting cda is burnt to a CD on the same system that did 
the conversion, it should Just Work.  iirc, the CDA format uses the 
hosts byte order so burncd (or morelikely, the device) would need to use 
swab() when burning on BE systems.

Definitely something for Michael to try is following the steps outlined 
in the handbook for copying a CD and see if he still has the 
byte-swapping problem.

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