gareth bsd at lordcow.org
Mon May 15 06:21:33 PDT 2006

On Mon 2006-05-15 (14:54), Oliver Brandmueller wrote:
> Errm, You run fsck onto a r/w mounted partition on multiuser mode? If


> this understanding of what your saying here is correct, then this is the
> problem: a r/w mounted fs is a) never "clean" (in terms of a fsck that
> takes some time to run)

these 2 particular cases take 1 or 2 seconds

> because it changes with every operation and b)
> should never be checked in that way (that's exactly what fsck means when
> telling you "NO WRITE").

ok. but it didn't used to do this, then it started showing up errors on
/var, then /var and /tmp. meanwhile the 5 other partitions have never
showed up errors. (/tmp & /var i spose happen to be small and volatile,
but there is another small & volatile partition that doesn't show errors.
also, the same behaviour shows when i (think) get rid've processes using /tmp)

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