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Mon May 15 05:55:06 PDT 2006


On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 02:00:57PM +0200, gareth wrote:
> hi, this box has had far too many hard reboots, but can anyone shed some
> light on whether this's inconsistent? i boot into single user mode,
> run fsck and fix all the partitions. rerunning fsck shows no more problems.
> mounting the filesystems and running fsck shows no problems. but when
> i reboot into normal mode, and run fsck on these 2 particular partitions:
> (and rebooting into single user mode again doesn't help).

> # fsck /tmp
> ** /dev/ad0s1e (NO WRITE)
> # fsck /var
> ** /dev/ad0s1d (NO WRITE)

Errm, You run fsck onto a r/w mounted partition on multiuser mode? If
this understanding of what your saying here is correct, then this is the
problem: a r/w mounted fs is a) never "clean" (in terms of a fsck that
takes some time to run) because it changes with every operation and b)
should never be checked in that way (that's exactly what fsck means when
telling you "NO WRITE").

If a second fsck on the unmounted partition in single user does not show 
any problems anymore you can consider the filesystem clean. UFS2 
(FreeBSD 5 and it's successors) can be checked "online" by fsck 
background mode (-B switch of fsck), but you should not need it.

- Oliver

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