RELENG_4 -> 5 -> 6: significant performance regression

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Mon May 15 02:44:36 PDT 2006


On Sat, 13 May 2006, Jonathan Noack wrote:
> Have you tried putting I586_CPU in there?  See

  Thanks for suggestion. I've just tried it, performance difference is

> Also, use the link0 option with your fxp cards if they support it.  See
> the fxp(4) man page for more info.  Here is an example /etc/rc.conf entry:
> ifconfig_fxp0="inet netmask link0"

  Well, I'm aware of this feature. I'm just evaluating performance of RELENG_6 
systems on uniprocessor i386 system, and (for now) it's significantly worse
than under RELENG_4. So I've used fxp just for comparison (and to rule out
possible specific regression in rl NIC driver), not for anything more

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