Trouble with NFSd under 6.1-Stable, any ideas?

Stephen Hurd shurd at
Sun May 14 20:57:15 PDT 2006

Howard Leadmon wrote:
> Would this just be lockd, or should I disable both lockd and statd?  I notice
> in the rc.conf it claims they are both supposed to be enabled, so not sure
> what issues I run into if I disable them, if any.
No need to disable rpc.statd though I don't know if any other programs 
request monitoring.  The issues you'll run into is simply a lack of any 
locks on the mounted drive.  This can easily lead to file corruption if 
multiple programs or multiple instances of a single program change the 
same file at the same time.  Many programs will use NFS-safe lockfiles 
if configure to do so, which is often a useable workaround in a 
lockd-free world.  If you're only using the files read-only, or only a 
single process uses files on the mount at a time (on *all* systems) then 
there's no issue at all.

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