Trouble with NFSd under 6.1-Stable, any ideas?

Howard Leadmon howard at
Sun May 14 11:29:07 PDT 2006

   Hello All, 

 I have been running FBSD a long while, and actually running since the 5.x
releases on the server I am having troubles with.   I basically have a small
network and just use NIS/NFS to link my various FBSD and Solaris machines

 This has all been running fine up till a few days ago, when all of a sudden
NFS came to a crawl, and CPU usage so high the box appears to freeze almost.
When I had 6.1-RC running all seemed well, then came the announcement for the
official 6.1 release, so I did the cvs updates, made world, kernel, and ran
mergemaster to get everything up to the 6.1 stable version.

 Now after doing this, something is wrong with NFS.   It works, it will return
information and open files, just it's very very slow, and while performing a
request the CPU spike is astounding.  A simple du of my home directory can
take minutes, and machine all but locks up if the request is done over NFS.
Here is top snip:

  497 root         1   4    0  1252K   780K -      2  50:42 188.48% nfsd

 This is a nice IBM eServer with dual P4-XEON's and a couple GB or RAM on a
disk array, and locally is screams, heck NFS used to scream till I updated.  I
am not really sure what info would be useful in debugging, so won't post tons
of misc junk in this eMail, but if anyone has any ideas as to how best to
figure out and resolve this issue it would sure be appreicated...

Howard Leadmon

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