SATA Failure Introduced between 6.0 and 6.1-RC1

Mark Kane mark at
Sat May 13 19:28:00 UTC 2006

Jared wrote:
> Hi -stable!
> I'd like to bring something to the attention of -stable that was posted 
> to -amd64 but has not yet being resolved:
> I'm unable to test to see if this occurs on i386 aswell so am unsure if 
> this is the right list to post to. But it appears to me that it would be 
> something that should be addressed prior to 6.1-RELEASE.

Hi all. This does indeed occur on i386 also. I had a drive die in a 
machine this past week and replaced it with two brand new Seagate 80GB 
SATA 300 drives to do mirroring, but 6.1-RELEASE only detects one of the 
drives (and only the one on the primary SATA channel even if I switch 
them around).

Upon finding this PR, I tried 6.0-RELEASE and it detected both drives on 
the install, so I went ahead and installed 6.0 to use until there is a 
fix since this is a production workstation. Unfortunately, I forgot that 
I was running 6.1-PRERELEASE on the previous install because none of the 
controllers on my board (MSI K8NGM2 - nForce4) are detected in 6.0, and 
instead run as "GENERIC" at UDMA33.

I don't have the latest BIOS since it requires Windows to update, but 
the summary for all updates show mainly CPU things...nothing related to 

I'm trying to decide if I should use 6.0 with the "GENERIC" controller 
and reduced speeds since it needs to be operational, or try the nve 
patches to fix the onboard LAN so I can free up a PCI slot and then put 
in a known working SATA controller that would be recognized and at full 
speeds. Not meant as pressure in any to the developers, but I'm 
wondering if you guys think it will be a while before this is fixed so I 
can make an informed decision on hardware purchases or not and get this 
machine back up.

Thanks in advance!


> I am experiencing the same problem as described in the original PR, but 
> with Western Digital hard drives and the latest  BIOS version (1001) 
> which is known to fix the ACPI DSDT bugs that have plagued these boards.
> I have not liased with the mailling lists before if you need any more 
> information please ask and I'll supply what I can as best I can. But the 
> original PR is well written.
> I will also see if RC-2 resolves this when cvsup has RC2 and I can build 
> an RC2 world/kernel.
> Cheers
> and Thanks for a great operating system
> Jared
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