quota deadlock on 6.1-RC1

Mike Jakubik mikej at rogers.com
Fri May 5 18:27:42 UTC 2006

This quota/nve problem sure stirred things up, i guess im partly to 
blame, but anyway i think that it all boils down to is this; FreeBSD 
users now demand stability and performance, as opposed to an influx of 
new bells and whistles just before the release. FreeBSD already has many 
great features which we are happy with, but they need to be refined now. 
Stabilize and optimize the current code, then focus on new ideas. Yes, 
new features are important to stay in the game, but they should not 
arrive at the sacrifice of stability. I think FreeBSD should only be 
released when known major bugs are worked out. A known broken release to 
me and most new users is useless, lets not release simply for the sake 
of numbering. I understand that there are problems, sometimes the users 
are to blame, other the developer, but we all want a stable, functional 
and thriving OS (i hope).

I wish i was a good Unix C programmer myself, so i could contribute in a 
more direct way (always hated those damn pointers), but thats just not 
the case. However i think i have contributed quite a bit in other areas, 
that may not be visible to everyone. I even managed to get the first 
(afaik) FreeBSD server in to FedEx, which they are very pleased with 
btw. I don't mean to offend anyone, i fully understand that this is a 
volunteer project and i appreciate everyones contribution, its just that 
i think FreeBSD has some problems currently, and there are quite a few 
people that are concerned. We all love and want FreeBSD to succeed.

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