SATA Failure Introduced between 6.0 and 6.1-RC1

Jared jared at
Thu May 4 06:18:17 UTC 2006

Hi -stable!

I'd like to bring something to the attention of -stable that was posted 
to -amd64 but has not yet being resolved:

I'm unable to test to see if this occurs on i386 aswell so am unsure if 
this is the right list to post to. But it appears to me that it would be 
something that should be addressed prior to 6.1-RELEASE.

I am experiencing the same problem as described in the original PR, but 
with Western Digital hard drives and the latest  BIOS version (1001) 
which is known to fix the ACPI DSDT bugs that have plagued these boards.

I have not liased with the mailling lists before if you need any more 
information please ask and I'll supply what I can as best I can. But the 
original PR is well written.

I will also see if RC-2 resolves this when cvsup has RC2 and I can build 
an RC2 world/kernel.

and Thanks for a great operating system


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