cc can't build 32-bit executables on amd64

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Mon May 1 21:39:34 UTC 2006

понеділок 01 травень 2006 17:25, Paul Allen написав:
> This was originally mentioned in amd64/76224 which was closed by obrien
> with the terse remark: "We don't yet support building 32-bit apps on a
> 64-bit system. We only barely support *running* them at this point."

I may be missing something huge, but, it seems to me, that my little patch is 
sufficient to point cc to the right direction. With it I can create 32-bit 
executables. Thus created lame, for example (from the audio/lame port) works 
and happily converts mp3 files (using assembler-optimized routines available 
only for 32-bit i386).

Maybe, there was more to it, when the amd64/76224 was closed, but there is so 
little now... It may still not work for something trickier, but, I think, I 
offer an improvement...


> Really this deserves an errata mention at the very least.  It just simply
> isn't intuitive that this functionality would be missing from a tier-1
> release.

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