FreeBSD/i386 6-stable + 4 GB RAM

Andy Hilker ah at
Wed Mar 15 15:10:44 UTC 2006


You (Gerhard Schmidt) wrote:
> > The base install, running GENERIC will only use 3GB.  I believe you 
> > would either need to use the PAE kernel option, or use the 64bit version 
> > of FreeBSD on a corresponding 64bit hardware.
> I Have a i386 server running with 4Gig of ram without PAE. It's running 
> with 5-STABLE. Has this changed in 6.0. 

No. It depends on your hardware how much memory is really available.
But there is no limit at 3GB in general. 

Do you use special options (KVA space etc.) in kernel-config
or make.conf to have a stable system?


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