FreeBSD/i386 6-stable + 4 GB RAM

Gerhard Schmidt estartu at
Wed Mar 15 14:29:07 UTC 2006

On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 10:46:59AM -0600, Eric Anderson wrote:
> Oliver Fromme wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I'll be getting a few new machines for a customer soon.
> >They will be SMP (dual processor Pentium-IV) with 4 GB RAM,
> >and I plan to install FreeBSD/i386 6-stable on them.
> >
> >What's the current status of running with that amount of
> >memory?  I'm not completely up to date in that regard, and
> >searching the archive didn't get any definitive answers.
> >I remember that there were several issues in the past, but
> >I have no idea if they still exist.  They required fiddling
> >with VM_KMEM_SIZE_MAX, or KVA_PAGES or similar things.
> >
> >Will FreeBSD/i386 6-stable run on a 4 GB machine out of the
> >box?  Do I have to apply special tuning (kernel config or
> >sysctl or whatever)?  Using PAE shouldn't be necessary, I
> >assume.
> >
> >It would also be interesting to know if 4-stable (which is
> >currently running on the predecessor machines) would run
> >without problems on those new 4 GB ones, too.
> >
> >Thanks in advance for any information!
> >  
> The base install, running GENERIC will only use 3GB.  I believe you 
> would either need to use the PAE kernel option, or use the 64bit version 
> of FreeBSD on a corresponding 64bit hardware.

I Have a i386 server running with 4Gig of ram without PAE. It's running 
with 5-STABLE. Has this changed in 6.0. 

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