dhclient and cable modem

Lars Kristiansen lars at adventuras.no
Sun Mar 12 10:23:03 UTC 2006

> Dear list!
> For a month or two I will be connected
> to cable net. So, I tried it on another
> location and... did not work. Laptop
> has 6.0 and "rl". I used empty dhclent.
> conf and then populated it with every
> option I found on the net. Firewall
> got no traffic, the packet was not leaving
> the box. When at home, I learned that
> I had not checked ethernet possibilities.
> Ifconfig shows 10tx, auto mode and no ip
> address.
> In this moment I'm sure that the system
> works correct and that I misconfigured
> something. But what? How should look
> conf file? Or to add some hints to rl
> on the command line.
> Provider offers dhcp and no static address.
> Rl sands discovery and receives no offer.
> What i'm doing wrong?
> Best regards

Did you restart the cablemodem between change of attached computer?
That might be neccessery.

Regards from Lars

>                     Zoran
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