dhclient and cable modem

Zoran Kolic kolicz at EUnet.yu
Sun Mar 12 09:16:50 UTC 2006

Dear list!
For a month or two I will be connected
to cable net. So, I tried it on another
location and... did not work. Laptop
has 6.0 and "rl". I used empty dhclent.
conf and then populated it with every
option I found on the net. Firewall
got no traffic, the packet was not leaving
the box. When at home, I learned that
I had not checked ethernet possibilities.
Ifconfig shows 10tx, auto mode and no ip
In this moment I'm sure that the system
works correct and that I misconfigured
something. But what? How should look
conf file? Or to add some hints to rl
on the command line.
Provider offers dhcp and no static address.
Rl sands discovery and receives no offer.
What i'm doing wrong?
Best regards


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